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A World of Wisdom

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tier one
Fiction, Non-fiction, Romance, Chick-Lit, Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Recipe, Mystery, Horror, Poetry, Self-Help, Religious, etc.

Tier One book design includes the following:

  • One custom, cover (front, back, and spine) in full color with your supplied text, author photo, any blurbs, etc, designed to the specifications of your Print on Demand company or book printer. We also design and create e-Book files for publication for Kindle and other e-Book readers.
  • Interior text pages using your supplied Word or Open Office document. If your manuscript includes a Table of Contents, Glossary, Index or other supporting material, that will be included in the same formatting and style as the rest of the interior. If special formatting is needed, that may require an additional fee.

Your finished design will be delivered to you via email as one or more PDF files, according to the needs of your printer. Generally we can deliver a first draft within one week with the finished design completed within two weeks.

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